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Our Laundromat

We are a family-owned small business located at 250 Queen Street in Downtown Kingston, Ontario. We happily offer a fully attended coin laundromat with dry cleaning and wash and fold services. 

Open 8 am - 9 pm, 7 days a week.

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Self Service

Enjoy our clean and relaxing atmosphere, while you do your laundry

Fresh Laundry Company (Formerly Econo Coin Laundry) is newly renovated with a clean, refreshing look. We offer 32 washers including 18 single load, 8 double load, 4 triple load and 2 quadruple load as well as 23 large-capacity dryers. Large items are easily accommodated. Our friendly attendants are always on duty to provide assistance and change for the machines. We sell laundry detergent, dryer sheets and other items for your convenience. We have plenty of comfortable seating, three large televisions and free wi-fi to make your visit enjoyable. We pride ourselves on providing a clean, comfortable and friendly laundry experience.

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Wash and Fold Service

Drop your Laundry off, and let us do it all for you.

Leave it to the professionals! Drop your laundry off and we will wash, dry and fold it all nicely for you. All you have to do is put it away. Imagine a life without laundry! Please let us know in advance if you have any items that need special attention or instructions.  Our turn around time is 24 hours, although it is most often done in the same day. 

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Dry Cleaning Depot

91 years in business and Eco-Friendly!!

Our drycleaners have been in business for 91 years and are great at what they do! They use Environmentally-friendly cleaning technology and are a 100% green eco-friendly drycleaner.  They are now picking up and dropping off Monday to Friday mornings. If you drop off before 9am Monday morning, your dry cleaning will return Tuesday morning.  Please give more time for heavily soiled items


In-Store Pricing

At Fresh we strive to keep our prices competitive, transparent and fair.

As of October 2023.

Our In-store pricing is less expensive than our pick up and delivery pricing as pickup and delivery pricing must include the costs of 2 round trips (drivers, vehicles, gas and insurance).


Wash, Dry, Fold 

Wash & Go Express 

(No Folding)

$2/LB ($25 MIN)

$1/LB ($20 MIN)

Individually Priced Items:



Pet Bed 

Pillows (Depending on drying time)





*Includes detergent, bleach (if requested) and dryer sheets.

Preferences and Add Ons:

Rush Orders
Double Wash/Heavily Soiled (per Bag)
Down Items or Extra Dry Time
Stain Treatment and Pre-soak (per Bag)
Baby Clothes (per Bag)












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2 PC Suit 



Spring/Fall Coat 

Winter Coat 













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*starting prices, can go up depending on cycle selections

10lb washers 

20lb washers 

30lb washers 

40lb washers 

30lb Dryers 






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