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Fresh Smelling Laundry Kingston

Let us lighten the load.

Get Fresh, Clean Laundry Delivered straight to your door.

How it works
Dirty to clean

How it Works

Wash and Fold Laundry and Dry Cleaning Delivery in Kingston, Ontario.

Scheduling App

Schedule a Pickup


Set up your laundry account and customize your treatment preferences. Our mission is to simplify laundry day for you. Rest assured, your clothes are well taken care of by our dedicated drivers and professional launderers.

Delivery Van

Pickup Day


At your chosen time, our courteous drivers collect your laundry directly from you—whether you’re at home, the office, or any other location. We handle every step in-house, ensuring your items are never outsourced.

Laundry Bag

Delivery Day


Once your clothes are clean and fresh, our dedicated drivers will return them neatly folded and carefully packaged to your specified location within 24-48 hours. Rush or same-day service available. (a $30 fee will apply)

Folding laundry

Your laundry, Our commitment.

Unlike other laundry delivery services, we take pride in owning and operating our own laundry facilities. With a deep understanding of laundry, we ensure your garments receive the care they deserve.

Your laundry is never mixed with others; we meticulously track it electronically through every step. Trust us; your garments are in capable hands. Our professional, launderers handle every step of the process—no contractors, no freelancers, and no uncertainty.

Experience a laundry service you can truly trust!

Dirty to clean
  • Is there a minimum order cost?
    Yes, our pick up and delivery laundry/dry cleaning service has a minimum charge of $40, plus tax. This can be a combination of per-lb laundry service, individually priced items, or dry cleaning. If you think your order may be below the minimum amount, try adding some towels or individually priced items (comforters, pillows, etc.) to get full value for your money. Our minimum order charge for in-store wash and fold is $25. And our minimum order charge for in-store wash and go is $20.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay using your credit or debit card. Fresh laundry company uses Clean Cloud Pay which is a secure payment system. If you do not have a credit card you can pay cash but please note that our drivers DO NO CARRY ANY CASH for change. In-store orders can be paid by cash, credit, or debit. And our attendants can exchange bills for the change needed in the machines.
  • Are there any add ons or hidden fees?
    Pick up and delivery is included in pricing. We try to be transparent and fair in our pricing and make it easy to understand, as we ourselves hate hidden charges. All charges will be fully disclosed to you before we proceed with services. Please take a look at the pricing section so there are no surprises. Sometimes prior to washing we may see special handling needs (stained items, sequins, suede etc.). If any extra labor, products are required or if it is outside our expertise, we will contact you to discuss any such additional charges before proceeding.
  • Are there any cancellation or rescheduling fees?
    You may cancel until 2 hours before your pick up time. You may edit your order until 1 hour before pick up time. (with no cancellation or rescheduling fees) If the pick up is cancelled when the driver arrives at your door there is a $15 cancellation or missed pick-up fee. If your order is cancelled after pick up but before we have started the cleaning process there is a $40 cancellation fee. Orders may not be cancelled after the cleaning process has commenced and full charges for the service will apply.
  • How do I schedule a pick up?
    You can schedule your laundry or dry cleaning pick up by using any of the following options: Website: Mobile Apps: iOS & Android Call us: (613) 546-9030 For Rush/Same day laundry service please call to schedule. (extra fee applies)
  • How do I pack my laundry for pick up?
    Please pack your laundry in a reusable or recyclable bag (garbage bag will do) or pillow case. If you are a recurring customer we will return your laundry in a re-usable Fresh Laundry Company bag free of charge. Extra bags can also be purchased online when placing your order. Please do not send your laundry in plastic laundry baskets.
  • Do I need to separate my laundry?
    You do not need to sort your laundry. We will do it for you. However, we believe it is beneficial to you to separate your laundry prior to dropping it off for the following reasons: 1. You will see if you have enough of one type (e.g. a full load of whites) to send or whether you should hold it until your next pick up 2. It will help you to catch dry clean only items mixed in prior to dropping it off. 3. Sorting gives you one last opportunity to check your pockets before dropping it off We recommend that you sort into two or three groups. Whites – Hot or Warm wash (with or without optional bleach or oxi-clean) Colors – Warm Wash Darks – Cold Wash (colors may be added to your dark load) Sorting your laundry gives you the final decision on how you would like to have your garments laundered.
  • Do I have to be there when the driver picks up and drops off?
    We do offer Contactless pick up and drop off. You can provide us with a pick up/drop off arrangement that you believe is secure. (Porch, concierge, garage, deck box etc.) We will text/email you when the pick up/drop off is made. This service is solely for the benefit of the customer and Fresh Laundry Company assumes no responsibility should your laundry go missing before pick-up or after drop-off.
  • Can I drop off my clothes or do you only pick up
    Yes, you most definitely can drop your own laundry off at our Laundromat located at 250 Queen Street.
  • Do you pick up and deliver to any establishment?
    Yes! We will pick up and deliver orders from your house, condo, apartment, office, gym etc. Pretty much anywhere in Kingston! We service businesses as well as individuals.
  • What detergents do you use and what is included?
    We carry and use a variety of detergents and softeners. You can pick your preference when you book or leave it to us. We carry Tide, Tide non-scented, Gain, Purex, Sunlight, Kirkland, and TruEarth detergents. Gain, Bounce and Bounce unscented dryer sheets, Downy fabric softener, Bleach, Oxi-Clean, dryer balls and various stain removers.  Detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener and bleach are all included in the wash and fold service.
  • What are the washing preferences to choose from?
    You may choose from the preset preferences when placing your order. If you have a preference that is not listed please make it in the notes section. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate special requests.
  • Do you hang dry items?
    We can accommodate a limited amount of hang dry items. Because of the amount of space required and the amount of time it takes to hang dry items indoors, your hang dry items maybe returned wet or damp. We highly recommend that you continue to hang them at home to complete the drying process. You may also request that we dry your order on very low heat.
  • I am unsure of how my items should be cleaned, what should I do?
    We are pros, we've got you!! We will clean items in a manner we think is appropriate.
  • What is the turnaround time?
    Turn around time for in-store drop off is usually 24 hours but oftentimes is ready the same day. To start Fresh Laundry Company will only be picking up and dropping off Sunday to Friday. Once there is demand we will extend to 7 days a week. Keeping in mind the above pick up and drop off days, our turn around time for wash and fold is 24 hours. (Possibility of longer for high volume orders) Dry cleaning orders are delivered within 48-96 hours of pickup. (Business days) Exceptions apply for specialty items and large-volume orders. If your dry cleaning is picked up on a Thursday it will not be returned until Monday at the earliest. If you are in a Rush and would like Same Day Pick up and Delivery laundry service, it is offered Monday - Friday. Please call 613-546-9030 to schedule. A $30 Rush/Same Day fee will apply.
  • Where is my laundry getting washed?
    Your laundry is in good hands. We do not outsource our orders, therefore it will be done in our Laundromat located at 250 Queen Street in Kingston. Most delivery orders will be done by our professional launderers when the laundromat is closed to the public. (Unless it is a Rush/Same Day order, then it will be done during laundromat hours). Check out a video tour of our facilities here:
  • Will my clothes be washed with other peoples clothes?
    Never. It is not hygienic to do so. All orders are done separately.
  • How much laundry does the average person generate in a week?
    The average person generates about 15-20lbs of laundry each week. The amount of laundry each person generates will vary depending on lifestyle and wardrobe habits.
  • How will I know when my laundry is done?
    We will notify you by text or email when your laundry is ready to be picked up or has been delivered.
  • What happens if something is missing from my order?
    This should never happen. We take all precautions and have processes in place to ensure your items are never lost. In the rare case that something does happen, please report it within 5 business days. We do have a fair claims policy, please read all terms and conditions before placing and order.
  • How do I get my Fresh Laundry Company Bag??
    Please use your own laundry bag or a pillow case for your first drop off. We will return your order in a clean recyclable bag or you may purchase a reusable bag when booking your pick up. For repeat customers we will return your order in a reusable Fresh laundry Company bag. This is yours to keep. If we notice that your bag is getting worn, we will replace it automatically for you. You may choose to purchase additional bags online or in-store.
Folded White Sheets

Why Use Us?

We take pride in quality workmanship
Spotlessly clean Laundry Facilities
Highly skilled and trained team
Professional stain removal, cleaning, folding and packing
Your laundry is never mixed with other orders
Free contactless pick up and delivery
Email, text and push notifications to keep you up to date on your order
Place order via app or online
We document and track everything. (your preferences, communication, and order history)
High quality customer service
No more trips to the laundromat or remembering to pick up dry cleaning
Fresh clean clothes without the hassle

Ready to get started with laundry delivery?

Wash and fold laundry and dry cleaning delivery in Kingston, Ontario.

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