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Terms of Use

By placing your order with Fresh Laundry Company Ltd, you agree to having read and accepted our Privacy Policy, and to follow these Terms and Conditions.  Please exit our website and refrain from using our site or services if you do not accept our terms and conditions

Self Service Customers

Laundry left unattended is at customer risk.  We are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items.

If laundry is left in a washer for more than 24 hours, we will dry and the customer must reimburse us for the cost to dry. (To avoid the smell throughout the laundromat)  Laundry left in washers and dryers for more than 24 hours will be bagged (not folded) and held for a period of one week.  After which it will be donated.

Persons in the laundromat must be doing laundry. If they are not we will kindly ask them to leave. If they do not leave we will contact the authorities.

Minimum Order Size

The minimum order amount for Wash and Fold Delivery and/or Dry Cleaning is $40.  Fresh Laundry Company will charge the minimum order amount if the minimum level is not reached.  Fresh Laundry Company does not combine your order with any other customers and therefore processes and charges each order separately.

The minimum order for in-store Wash and Fold service is $25.   Fresh Laundry Company will charge the minimum order amount if the minimum level is not reached. There is no minimum order for in-store dry cleaning.

Exclusions to Service

Fresh Laundry Company does not offer pest control services nor do we launder items if mold or human or animal excrement is present.  Please do not send any items or orders that contain pests such as bedbugs, roaches, etc., any form of mold or mildew, or human or animal excrements.

Orders found with the above-mentioned conditions will not be processed and a minimum administrative charge of $40 will be applied.  Civil action may also be initiated against the customer for any damages suffered by Fresh Laundry Company, its customers, or staff, as a result of orders being delivered to Fresh Laundry Company in violation of these terms.

Getting your laundry ready for pick up

Fresh Laundry Company will sort your laundry for you. However, we recommend that you sort your laundry the way you would like it washed. (Colors/Darks - Cold wash, Whites-Hot Water wash) The benefits of separating your laundry before pick up are:

1. You will see if you have enough of one type (e.g. a full load of whites) to send or whether you should hold it until your next pick-up

2. It will help you catch dry clean only items mixed in before dropping it off.

3. Sorting gives you one last opportunity to check your pockets before dropping it off

Sorting your laundry gives you the final decision on how you would like to have your garments laundered.

Do not place laundry and dry cleaning items in the same bag.  Fresh Laundry Company will not be responsible for garments labeled “hand wash only” or “dry clean only” and is not responsible for checking for these labels in customer’s garments. 

The customer is responsible for ensuring their laundry bags are identified with the customer’s name (nametag, or note written and put in bag to prevent loss), and are closed/ tied/sealed to prevent loss during transportation.

The customer will provide written instructions for all special handling requests, including, but not limited to, wash and hang dry, hot water wash, low heat dry, delicate cycle, etc.

Unable to Pick Up or Deliver Order
Fresh Laundry Company will make every reasonable effort to pick up and deliver orders as promised.  If an order was placed by a client and confirmed for pickup or delivery, but either the order or the person responsible for handing off or receiving the order is unavailable at the scheduled period, a $15 charge will apply.

Contactless Pick up or Delivery

If you prefer contactless pickup and delivery or are unable to be at home at the scheduled pick up/drop off time, you can note an alternate pick up/drop off arrangement that you believe is secure. (Porch, Concierge, Deck box, Garage, etc.)

We will text/email you when the pickup/drop-off is made.  This service is provided solely for the benefit of the customer and Fresh Laundry Company assumes no responsibility should your laundry go missing before pick up or after drop off.

Damaged Property

We exercise the utmost care in processing articles entrusted to us and use such processes which in our opinion are the best suited to the nature and condition of each article.  Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses of or defects in materials which may result in tears or the development of small holes in fabric that are not readily apparent before processing.  We cannot guarantee against colour loss, colour bleeding, and shrinkage; or damage to weak and tender fabrics; or against damage to ancillary items such as belts, buttons, beads, ties or zipper pulls. ​ Any items determined to have been lost or damaged by Fresh Laundry Company, except for those listed above, will be reimbursed in accordance with the International Fabricare Fair Claims Guide and shall not exceed ten (10) times our charge for processing that garment or prorated percentage of the order, or a collective sum of a maximum of $500, regardless of the brand or condition. Any damaged items must be reported and returned to Fresh Laundry Company Ltd. for inspection within 5 business days.

Lost Items

This should not happen. We have a solid process, whereby your items are never near another person's laundry, they go from bag to washer, to dryer to folding and all machines are labeled as we go. Fresh Laundry Company makes its best reasonable effort to track every item that we process and will review all lost item claims on a case-by-case basis. We investigate all claims by speaking with the launderer and checking our cameras.  For any items that we have determined to be lost by Fresh Laundry Company, customers will be reimbursed in accordance with the International Fabricare Fair Claims Guide and shall not exceed ten times our charge for cleaning the respective garment regardless of brand/condition, or a collective sum of a maximum $500.  Any lost items must be reported within 5 business days. 


Loose items

Due to safety hazards, we do not stick our hands in pockets. If we happen to notice something in your pocket while shaking clothes out or during the loading process, we will do our best to ensure it does not get washed with your laundry. However, Fresh Laundry Company and its employees will not be responsible for any damages that will occur caused by items left in garments. So please ensure you check all items and remove contents from your pockets before you place the laundry in the bag. Common items that are left in pockets or on garments are watches, jewelry, cash, crayons, markers, belts, gum, pens and chap sticks, etc.  Even though we return all valuables like cash, credit cards, and the like to customers as we find these in their pockets, we are not responsible in any way for items you claim to be included in your garments that we have not found ourselves.

Maximum Storage
Fresh Laundry Company can hold your clothes for a maximum of one week or as agreed upon before the commencement of service.  If the period extends beyond that, then Fresh Laundry Company may charge the customer storage fees of $5 per day. After 30 days items will be considered abandoned and donated.  We are not responsible for articles not claimed within 30 days.

Laundry Special requests

If your laundry requires special care, we do require that you indicate in notes or preferences when placing your order online.  If you have a specific garment that needs special care (hand drying, delicate wash, etc. ) please bag this item separately.  Please be specific.  For instance, it is not enough to say "Please hang dry my white trouser" because it can be difficult to determine what you are referring to.  Put this separately in a bag and then please put the note on the bag.


We are not responsible for any medical reaction that might be caused by our services. If you commonly experience allergic reactions please notify us or select a specific detergent in preferences. If you experience an allergy, please notify us so that the next time we can adjust our detergent and softener amounts appropriately or use a hypo-allergenic detergent.



When stain removal was explicitly noted along with your order, we would check that the cloth type is capable of bleaching. If it is, we would apply stain remover or bleach appropriately. However, we cannot guarantee that all stains will be entirely removed in all cases. Extra charges may apply. 

Quotations and Pricing
All current prices are listed on and are quoted in Canadian Dollars (CAD). All prices are subject to H.S.T. of 13%.  For pricing on any unique items not listed on our website, please contact us at

Fresh Laundry Company reserves the right to make changes to any or all prices without advanced notice. In case of any discrepancy in pricing, the online posted prices will be applied.

If you require a quotation, it must be requested before placing your order.  In case of any order cancellation, after a pickup has occurred, a $40 charge will be applied.  For quotations after an order has been picked up, please send us a request to We will provide a quote if your order has not yet been started. If the order is already being processed or has been processed, we will provide an invoice for the order which is due and payable before delivery.

Late Payment Fees
Payments for all orders are due before delivery. Fresh Laundry Company will invoice the customer before delivery. If payment is not received or we are unable to complete a charge transaction as provided by the customer, then a late payment charge of 2% (compounded daily) will be applied to the outstanding balance until payment has been finalized. The late payment fee is calculated from the delivery date set till the date of settlement.


If payment has not been received, Fresh Laundry Company will contact the customer by telephone, text message, or email to secure payment. Orders that have not been paid for within 30 days of the pickup date will be considered abandoned and all property will be disposed of or donated to a local charity. Fresh Laundry Company reserves the right to pursue legal action to seek compensation for cost and damages relating to the order.

Discounts, Special Pricing and Coupons

All coupons or special offers may include limitations or restrictions on their use. Discounts, special pricing, and coupons cannot be combined. Only one will be applied to your order unless specifically stated in writing by Fresh Laundry Company. If two are available and not combined, the greater percentage discount listed of the two will be applied to the order.  All coupons, vouchers, or discount codes must be presented at the time the order is placed and before the expiry date to be valid.

Turnaround Time
Every reasonable effort is made to return each order as promised.  Our Wash and Fold Services are usually returned the next business day or as agreed upon. Standard Dry Cleaning orders are usually returned within 72 hours.  Specialty items i.e. leather, fur, couture, etc. will be assessed individually and a promised return date will be provided.

However, we do not guarantee turnaround times and assume no responsibility for any damages that may occur due to a delay in service.

Order Cancellation

You may cancel until 2 hours before your pick-up time. You may edit your order until 1 hour before pick-up time.  (with no cancellation or rescheduling fees)

If the pick-up is cancelled when the driver arrives at your door there is a $15 cancellation or missed pick-up fee.

If your order is canceled after pick up but before we have started the cleaning process there is a $40 cancellation fee.

Orders may not be canceled after the cleaning process has commenced and full charges for the service will apply.


We reserve the right to refuse laundry service to any customer due to conflict.

We reserve the right to refuse to process or wash and fold any garment.


Legal Disclaimer

The liability of Fresh Laundry Company Ltd. under these terms and condition shall only be restricted to the monetary damages not to exceed the amount incurred by the customer for the service that has been rendered within the transaction where the damages have occurred. This liability shall be the extent of Fresh Laundry Company's liability regardless of the form in which any legal or equitable action may be brought and the foregoing shall constitute customers' exclusive remedy. Fresh Laundry Company Ltd. disclaims all warranties express or implied concerning the services rendered under this agreement.

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