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Fresh Laundry Company

Professional Airbnb laundry service for your rental property.

Running an Airbnb rental property can be challenging! We help Airbnb hosts provide hotel quality laundry service to their guests.

How Airbnb Laundry Service Works

Schedule a Pickup: Set up your laundry account and customize your treatment preferences. Rest assured, your linens are well taken care of by our dedicated drivers and professional launderers.


Pickup Day: At your chosen time, our courteous drivers collect your laundry directly from your Airbnb. We handle every step in-house, ensuring your items are never outsourced.


Delivery Day: Once your linens are clean, crisp and fresh, our drivers will return them neatly folded and carefully packaged to your property rental.

Laundry Delivery
Stain treatment
Crisp linens
Managing Stains: Elevating Linen Care in Your Airbnb

Airbnb guests are less tolerant of stains on linens compared to hotel guests. knowing that thousands have stayed in a hotel room before them lowers their cleanliness standards. Airbnb accommodations are often perceived as personalized sanctuaries. Guests see these spaces as extensions of their own homes, with a higher degree of control over their environment. This sense of ownership fosters an expectation of immaculate cleanliness and attention to detail.


Using our Airbnb laundry service can prevent stains and manage damaged inventory. We take great care in spot-treating stains and offer the option for additional attention to problem areas or whitening requests using professional grade products. Additionally, we diligently separate any items with persistent stains or damage, bagging them separately to clearly identify inventory that may need replacement, ensuring they won't make it back into circulation.

Tips for Maintaining Pristine Linens at Your Airbnb

  • White sheets and towels are the easiest to stain treat

  • Offer makeup removal wipes to prevent stains on your facecloths and pillowcases

  • Extend the lifespan of your linens by rotating your linens regularly to prevent wear and tear on specific sets and ensure that all linens are used evenly.

  • Provide stain removal spray and clear instructions for guests on handling dirty linens, including where to place used items and how to treat stains.

  • Investing in an inventory of "hospitality-grade" or "commercial-grade" linens will save you money in the long run. Opt for performance fabrics that are designed for durability and stain resistance.

Air bnb Laundry

Setting the Standard: Freshness and Quality with Fresh Laundry Company

At Fresh Laundry Company, we understand the importance of providing exceptional hospitality to your guests. That's why we're thrilled to offer business customers, particularly those managing Airbnb properties, exclusive permission to prominently display our "Professionally Laundered by: Fresh Laundry Company" badge.

By choosing Fresh Laundry Company for your linen needs, you're not only ensuring impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards but also elevating the overall guest experience. Our professional laundering service guarantees freshness and comfort, leaving your guests feeling pampered and satisfied throughout their stay.

Make a lasting impression on your guests and stand out in the competitive market by showcasing our badge proudly. It's not just a symbol of quality; it's a testament to your commitment to excellence.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our professionally laundered linens can enhance your Airbnb business.

professionally laundered by badge

Benefits of using Fresh Laundry Company's Airbnb Laundry Service

Commercial Discounted Pricing

Discounted Pricing

Business customers that order regular pick-ups will given discounts from our regular prices.

Monthly Billing

Monthly Billing,

secure easy payment

Business customers that order regular pick ups can be billed monthly and can pay easily online or by direct deposit.

Free Pick-up and Delivery

Free Pick-up and Delivery

Pick-up and delivery is included for business customers that order regular pick-ups.

Commercial Free Bags

Free laundry bags

We provide you with pick-up bags. You can use them to store your dirty laundry and then give them to our driver at the time of pick-up.

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

We save your business money by eliminating equipment costs, maintenance, utilities, and labor expenses.

Pay for what you Use

Pay for what you use

We don't tie you in a fixed load plan for every pick-up. You can give us different weights at every pickup and it will be charged accordingly.

Professional Quality

Professional Quality

We utilize commercial-grade equipment and employ trained staff to ensure high-quality cleaning, resulting in cleaner textiles and enhancing our business's overall image.

Time Saving and Convenient

Time Saving and Convenient

We provide convenience, flexibility, and time-saving benefits by eliminating the need to manage laundry logistics and freeing up employees for other tasks.

Guest discount

Exclusive Discount for your Guests

Guests staying at your Airbnb will receive an exclusive discounts on our Visitor Laundry Service.

Auto Scheduling

Auto Scheduling of Pickups

Whether you need it daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly just let us know once and our system will do the job to schedule your pickups.

Want $10 off your first Airbnb Laundry Service?

Congratulations! You're on your way to enjoying $10 off your first Airbnb laundry service with us. We'll be in touch shortly to arrange your discount and ensure your laundry needs are met with excellence.


Ready to get started with laundry delivery?

Airbnb laundry service with free delivery for your rental property in Kingston, Ontario.

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