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Monthly Student Laundry Plans in Kingston, Ontario

Ease the load of student life with our affordable laundry pickup and delivery service

You asked, and we delivered! Kingston is one of the top 5 University towns in the world! Nearly 30,000 students attend Queen's, RMC, and St. Lawrence College, and with them comes a lot of laundry! Fresh Laundry Company offers student plans to help you get your Degree in Freshness! Our plans are convenient, efficient, and reliable. Let us handle the laundry while you focus on your studies and creating memories!

Monthly Student Laundry

Full Transparency in Pricing is of utmost importance to us!
Pricing Details and Conditions
*Plus tax
*Includes: detergent, fabric softeners, and any other required laundry products
*Cancel anytime before the next monthly renewal
*Non-refundable during the current month
*No rollover (cannot use bag limit in any other month)
*Missed pickups/drop-offs will be charged a $15 fee
*Fill your bag with ANY laundry items (including our normally individually priced items)
*As long as it fits in the bag and the bag can close it is included!
*If you sign up for weekly recurring pickups please note that some months will have an extra week (you may skip this week to avoid the extra bag charge)
*Does not include dry cleaning (you may add dry cleaning to your pickup - see dry cleaning pricing)
*Extra charges (Only if you request them) could include:$10 a bag for 2xwash-for heavily soiled items, $5 a bag for down items - extra dry time, $10 a bag for Stain treatment, and $3 item for pressing/steaming. We will never charge these things without you requesting it or without seeking your approval before starting the service.

How it works

Scheduling App
Schedule a Pickup


Set up your laundry account and customize your treatment preferences. Our mission is to simplify laundry day for you. Rest assured, your clothes are well taken care of by our dedicated drivers and professional launderers.

Delivery Van
Pickup Day


At your chosen time, our courteous drivers collect your laundry directly from you—whether you’re at home, the office, or any other location. We handle every step in-house, ensuring your items are never outsourced.

Laundry Bag
Delivery Day


Once your clothes are clean and fresh, our dedicated drivers will return them neatly folded and carefully packaged to your specified location within 24-48 hours. Rush or same-day service a $30 fee will apply

Check out our First Order Guide for what to expect with your first order

How to schedule your pick ups

If you would prefer not to download another app you can book on our booking engine, directly from our website. Simply click on Schedule Now  or the Subscribe Now.   From there you will sign up for an account, purchase a subscription, and schedule your pick-ups and drop-offs. You can even schedule recurring pick-ups! If you need any help, our staff is more than happy to walk you through the process.

Our app is the most convenient way to see your account. You can manage everything from the app including subscriptions, scheduling, pricing, updates to your order, past orders, your preferences, and see any promotions or specials.  You can download the clean cloud app (our booking engine) here for Android and here for iOS


Order Notifications
Our system is set up to send you a notification when our driver is on the way, when your order has been picked up or dropped off, when your order is complete or if the price changes in any way. Notifications are defaulted to be sent via text, email and push notification (if you have the app). If prefer one of these ways of notification we can change it to your preference.

Front Step Delivery

Ready to get started with laundry delivery?

Wash and fold laundry and dry cleaning delivery in Kingston, Ontario.

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