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About Us

Making Laundry Day Easy and Convenient.

Welcome to Fresh Laundry Company! Our story began in 2012 when Mike and his father acquired Econo Coin Laundry in Kingston, a well-established landmark in the Kingston area for over 50 years. Sadly, Mike’s father passed away in 2018. It was then that Kelley decided to leave her job, and together, Mike and Kelley embarked on a mission to revolutionize the laundry industry in Kingston.

We aimed to modernize and enhance the laundry experience by creating facilities and services that we would personally enjoy using. We underwent significant renovations to create a space that offers more than just washing machines. Our upgraded facilities feature state-of-the-art machines, entertainment options, comfortable seating, spacious folding areas, and a laundromat-tailored Point of Sale system and App that allows us to efficiently manage our ever-growing dry cleaning and wash and fold services.

The wash and fold service became even more essential when the pandemic emerged. Responding to numerous customer demands, Fresh Laundry Company Ltd. was established in December 2021 to provide convenient pick-up and delivery of wash and fold and dry-cleaning services. In June 2023, the two companies merged to streamline operations and offer a comprehensive range of services under a single brand: Fresh Laundry Company.

Our passionate team is dedicated to providing services that enhance everyone's lifestyle. Fresh Laundry Company's goal is to make laundry day easy and convenient.

Econo Coin Laundry
Econo Coin
Front Desk Renovated
Fresh Laundry Renovated


Our mission is to make laundry day easy and convenient by providing superior quality laundry and drycleaning services and facilities.


Our vision is to revolutionize the laundry experience and be an industry leader in our area. We will be trusted for our integrity, admired for our innovations, and acknowledged for our pursuit of excellence in all that we do. We will create a service that we ourselves would be excited to use. Our service will allow our customers to maximize their free time and spend it doing things they love. A world with Laundry Freedom.



We will always be respectful, honest, transparent, reliable, accountable, and professional in all dealings with our customers, clients and within our own team



We are a family-owned business and to us family, (all kinds) are the most important thing in our lives and yours. We highly value every moment spent with those we love and want you to be able to spend your free time with them instead of doing laundry.


Customer Service Excellence

Our focus is the customer, and we understand that good service is vital to success. We will exceed our customers level of expectation through our interactions with them and by maintaining a high standard in the quality of our work.


Innovation and continuous improvement 

We are committed to bringing the laundry industry into this century with new innovations, as well as mastering and improving existing procedures and processes.


Meet the Team

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